Paul-Ford Manguelle

Paul-ford Manguelle is a canadian French and English speaking actor of cameroonian origin. His most notable theatre credit includes his performance as the blue, hip gyrating, and jovial cat Panthro in The Grindstone Theatre’s Musical adaptation ThunderCats in the 2019 and 2022 Edmonton fringe festival, he has also most recently played multiple characters such as […]

Darrin Hagen

Darrin Hagen Darrin Hagen is an award-winning playwright, author, composer and Queer historian whose plays have been produced across Canada, in the U.S and Europe. Since “The Edmonton Queen” (published by Brindle & Glass), he has created art that is a unique window into gender and history. During the pandemic he turned his attention to […]

Gina Moe

Stage Manager: Bloomsday for Shadow Theatre, Orphee +, and La Boheme for Edmonton Opera, Pride and Prejudice, and Almost A Full Moon for the Citadel Theatre, Glory for Chemainus Theatre, A Grand Time in the Rapids and Evelyn Strange for Teatro la Quindicina, Metronome for WWPT, Titus Buffonicus, and The Empress and The Prime Minister […]