by Sharr White

January 18 to February 5, 2017

Please see Season Calendar for show times.


Twenty years ago Emma walked out on Ulysses, her cowboy-poet husband. But now Ulysses is in dire need of help and despite her better judgment Emma tracks him down to a trailer park in the wilds of Colorado. Their comic and conflicted reunion is full of barbed wire wit and brutal honesty. But to their surprise, the more they begin to understand the issues that drove them apart, the more they find themselves drawn together again.


“Sharp, funny and consistently very honest...” —



Shaun Johnston talking about his time at Shadow Theatre



Coralie Cairns
Coralie Cairns is proudly adopted by CANVASTONE CHILDREN'S ART STUDIOS, painting and soapstone carving.


Shaun Johnston
Shaun Johnston
Shaun Johnston is proudly adopted by Janice Scott

Director: John Hudson

Set & Lights: Daniel vanHeyst

Costumes: Leona Brausen

Sound: Dave Clarke

Stage Manager: Rachel Dawn Woods

Production Manager: Adam Tsuyoshi Turnbull